Filipino National Grant

The Centre for International Education (CIE), The School for Leaders, fully aligns itself with the British state educational system this school year 2011 – 2012 in order to give its students access to the best that is offered in the world of learning.

To achieve this, CIE brings in the full suite of University of Cambridge international examinations and Cambridge ESOL measurements to determine the precise qualifications of its students. These qualifications enable its bearers to be recognized for the educational levels they have earned, wherever they go in the world in terms of education, immigration, employment, business transactions and other opportunities. Today, over 12,000 governments, educational institutions and corporations around the world recognize Cambridge qualifications and validation exams as the premier qualifications in the world.

Bringing in the tools to enable these accrediting mechanisms comes with corresponding costs. And with improvements and technological developments, the natural increase in costs occur. To help ease the burden of the students having to shoulder the full brunt of the cost of the tests and royalties, CIE is assuming its prerogative as an authorized Cambridge international examinations centre, the only one in the Philippines for that matter, to grant a special rate for Filipino students on the school fees. Called the Filipino National Grant, this special discount was granted with the approval of the CIE Board of Directors.

This move will hopefully help level the playing field, and give more Filipino children the chance to aim their educational and career goals towards a global perspective.

The Filipino National Grant is a fitting tribute by CIE to the Filipino youth as the institution traverses its 25th year of service to the community, building bridges of opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow.

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