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As the pace of change grows at a break-neck speed, the CIE British School responds to the needs of the times by fully assimilating the British School System starting this year. Leading the pack in innovating the education landscape in the country, the CIE British School makes a bold move to make sure that what is taught in school consistently remains excellent, is recognized worldwide and is kept up to date in a changing world.

CIE British School aims to develop within the students the discipline of becoming a self-driven learner and because of this, special enrichment sessions are held in the school during Study Period. This service is extended free of charges.

Another development adopted by the school is the “no assignment” policy. Only reading assignments will be taken home. Unfinished seat works are done during the Study Period.

The full use of school hours for instruction, school work and study enables the students to spend more quality time with the family when they go home from school. Furthermore, this helps parents save on added expense since they no longer need after-school tutors for their children.

This is one of the most important thrusts of the school, to develop students that are not only well informed, but well formed as well. As the school obtains even more qualifications for its students, CIE British School is a school that evidently champions relevant global education.

For more information about the CIE British School, you may call 325-5211 or email info@cie.edu.

Reference: Jeruel N. Roa & Lea Solon

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