The High School for Today’s Global Village

Based in a current market survey there is a need for more High Schools to complement the growing number of pre-schools and grade schools in the country. But… what kind of High Schools do we need in a shrinking world that is now called a Global Village?

Globalization has really changed the rules of the game in many fields, particularly in education. As more Filipinos move abroad for professional or personal pursuits, they realize, albeit belatedly, that international standards on qualifications have to be followed. Many have to swallow the bitter pill that the qualifications they earned in the Philippines just do not hold water for most of the world.

Filipinos can proudly claim their worldwide reputation for resilience, creativity and innovation. They can also wave their American-influenced education, a legacy of the Thomasites more than a century ago, which has not quite evolved yet to be considered an international qualification.

Unfortunately, when it comes down to selecting people for jobs in most countries abroad, the ones who are favorably selected are those whose qualifications match up with that of the host country. Without these, many Filipinos have had to reinvest time and money to go back to school just to gain the acceptable qualifications. By force of circumstance, those who wish to join in the workforce right away are relegated to entry level, jack-of-all-trades positions despite their wealth of experience in the Philippines.

CIE British School adequately prepares the global Filipino by offering courses that are recognized by most of the world. By earning internationally accredited courses and units, CIE graduates and students step right into level playing fields in career and further education abroad immediately because they have international education qualifications to present.

CIE British School integrated internationally examined and accredited academic subjects in its curriculum through external validation of programmes with prestigious universities abroad. Its Pre-School, Grade School, High School, College, Graduate School and its Continuing Education programmes are accredited and validated by its international partners.

CIE British School, with its accreditation from the University of Cambridge International Examinations, UK, is authorized to offer its courses and conduct its academic validation exams. The University of Cambridge International Examinations is one of the three examining bodies of Cambridge Assessment.

The High School programme of CIE British School combines the Philippine Secondary Education Curriculum with the Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) of the University of Cambridge International Examinations, UK.

IGCSE is one of the most recognized qualifications around the world. Its courses have gained international repute for developing vital educational skills, including foundation knowledge, ability to articulate new ideas, problem solving skills, investigative skills, creativity, initiative and teamwork.

IGCSE is recognized worldwide as evidence of adequate competence by almost all universities in the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada and Australia, and thus is recognized as a university entry qualification. IGCSE also equips students with qualifications for immediate employment in many parts of the world.

The affiliation of CIE British School to over 200 top colleges and universities worldwide makes transferability of students’ academic credentials very fluid and “portable.” This means that students gain international qualifications that are accepted anywhere in the world. Clearly, this sets CIE British School apart from other high schools.

To learn more about the high school programme of CIE British School, call us at 325-5211 or email

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