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The CIE School for Business and Information Technology is a globally-benchmarked and internationally-focused institution for higher education.

An advocate of educational innovation, CIE develops our students to become leaders and champions of change.

Our programmes in business and information technology revolve around the acquisition of competencies and the right moral aptitude to prepare our students as leaders of business, industry and the ordinary workplace.

CIE takes pride in its young student-entrepreneurs who, trained under the tutelage of successful practitioners, formally set-up and operate a business enterprise from first year up to the final semester of their education.

Many schools, colleges and universities have been inspired by this strategy called Problem-Based Learning (PBL). Not only do the students get an opportunity to home their entrepreneurial potential and get first-hand advice from the experts in entrepreneurship, they also get a chance to earn their FIRST MILLION even before they graduate.

International Accreditation

The CIE academic programmes under the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced (A) Levels of the University of Cambridge, UK allows our students to gain direct access into a range of professional qualifications and courses in the UK, Canada, Australia, the United States and other countries in Europe. Academically exceptional CIE students may be allowed to pursue Master in Management immediately.

Earn an international degree at CIE!

Choose from these programmes:

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Marketing

Dual Majors:

  • Entrepreneurial Tourism and Management
  • Import-Export Management and International Trade

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Two Dual Majors:

  • Option 1 Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Option 2 Mass Media Management with Graphics and Multi Media

CIE G.E.T. Programme


CIE offers students the opportunity to expand their horizon. Students are given the option to study abroad through the Global Education Transfer programme.

Through the CIE GET programme, the student’s investment on college education is maximised.

Gateway to International Education


Students have the option to study for 2 years at CIE and complete their 3rd year at Northwood University, USA. We make student’s transfer to Northwood hassle-free. Students are exempt from SAT and TOEFL. Our students graduate with a U.S. and a Philippine degree. Students may choose to enroll in any of Northwood University (www.northwood.edu) campuses located in Florida, Texas and Michigan.


All visa requirements of transferring students are processed by CIE and Northwood University.

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