Working @ CIE: A Credential by Itself

Whether as a career destination or as a career stopover, CIE British School offers professional growth in a uniquely fulfilling way.

Cambridge Curriculum and the British Educational System.

CIE British School is committed to provide the best education to the children of the Philippines. To achieve this, CIE British School has aligned itself with the educational system of the United Kingdom, and has affiliated with the University of Cambridge, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Working in this kind of learning environment provides one with an international perspective while continuously learning the skills, methodology and technology that these system and institution offers. Working in CIE British School also provides opportunities to be trained and to join the growing pool of certified Cambridge examiners. Truly a great investment of time in an atmosphere fertile for professional development.

International Respect and Recognition.

Working at CIE British School for at least five years builds one’s experience and reputation. Several former CIE teachers and administrators are now successfully practicing their craft in the United States. Most recently, a CIE teacher who is moving to New Zealand as an immigrant, was able to qualify to teach in her new country mainly because of her CIE credentials. While CIE British School encourages its professionals to stay home and help improve the quality of education in the Philippines, it takes pride in the achievements of those who have chosen to bring their talents to foreign shores and spread the Filipino influence throughout the world. The CIE quality of learning lives on, through every CIEan professional, wherever the winds of life bring them.

Education With A Purpose.

In CIE British School, we teach and practice The Pearl Principle – a Philippine ideology and a way of life which espouses “initiating change from within and from within one’s sphere of influence, by converting a state of hopelessness into a state of optimism where opportunities are created as in the creation of a pearl.” Under this principle, success is measured by the number of people whose lives have improved because of one’s existence. Teaching, they say, is THE noble profession. In CIE British School ‘tis nobler as we teach knowledge and guide children develop their skills, driven by values. Our students become the models of the solid alloy of values, skills and knowledge that becomes their tool for living a truly meaningful life.

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Reference: Jeruel N. Roa

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