About Us

CIE is a British International School in the Asia Pacific that leads in the creation of trendsetting instructive innovations to provide students with the best possible educational tools to prime them for a destiny of headship.

It is The School for Leaders, a centre of excellence that develops creative people who are imbued and equipped with outstanding academic skills, innovative thinking, pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial mind set and strength of character to make a lasting contribution to improve the quality of life as enlightened generative leaders and channels in social transformation.

Vision and Mission


CIE is The School for Leaders.

CIE is a veritable institution in the Asia Pacific that develops and nurtures influential generative leaders who champion the upliftment of the quality of human life.


We transform ordinary individuals to become extraordinary catalysts of social progress through a philosophy of education for leaders anchored on social engagement and the Pearl Principle.

Our Core Values


We shall uphold the highes ideals of excellence with passion, a strong sense of urgency, integrity, faith, courage, and strength of character.


We pursue our mission with hard work and enthusiasm, our dedication to our tasks generates creativity and initiative, flexibility and resourcefulness, that leads us to innovative ways of doing things.


We will be leaders in serving other with openness and sensitivity to their needs, answering the call of community with selflessness and discipline, while doing out work with teamwork and synergy.

CIE Hymn

CIE Hymn
Composition and Musical Arrangement by
Anthony Feliciano, CIE Student

We have a vision, we have a dream
We have the will and the mind to achieve
Anything we believe
To be the best for everyone

We pledge our loyalty
Live with integrity
Passion and excellence

We have a mission, a goal to fulfill
With our education our dreams become real
We shall all aspire
To be the best of what we are

Leaders in society
A great responsibility
To go and make a difference

We pledge our loyalty
Live with integrity
Passion and excellence

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ISO 9001:2008 Certification


Our systems for designing, developing and delivering products and systems for the provision of international education programmes and qualifications are certified as meeting the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management.

Our Founder


Teacher Nelia always says that “destiny begins with a thought.” Positive thought. She believes that the goal of every human interaction is upliftment. No matter how brief such encounters are, if only everyone is mindful of how his thoughts, words and actions influence others to do what is right and just, then the world will truly be a better place.

Teacher Nelia is a visionary Thought-Leader. She is a renowned scholar who is very passionate about people taking it upon themselves to initiate positive change at will. Such an act is the turning point for growth and progress not just for oneself, but the entire human race.

She is also a social entrepreneur who believes that poverty liberation is achievable by building enterprises integrating social mission, not as an act of charity but as a process of reciprocity so that it may ultimately create an intrinsic value to the community that it serves.

Her life is inspired by the Pearl Principle. She transcended countless personal adversities and accomplished her dreams, ultimately creating a gem of a life.

She was granted the Star of Asia Award in 2004 from the Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce in Austin, Texas, for here innovative contributions to education and entrepreneurship.

In 2003, Teacher Nelia, together with Ms.Susan Dell, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and Ms. Doris Buffett, of the renowned Buffett Clan and Founder and President of the Sunshine Lady Foundation, among others, was recognised in Dallas, Texas by Northwood University for exceptional leadership and achievement in the fields of business, the arts, public service, education, the media, entrepreneurship, volunteerism and philanthropy. Teacher Nelia is the first Filipino to be given such recognition, joining the league of exceptional women that includes United States Senator Olympia J. Snowe.

Teacher Nelia is Prof. Nelia Cruz Sarcol, Founder of the Centre for International Education, The School for Leaders.

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Our Advocacy

CIE British School Advocates

“The Pearl Principle” which espouses the – initiation of change from within and within one’s sphere of influence, by transforming a state of hopelessness into a state of optimism, where opportunities are created as in the creation of a Pearl.